Perceiving Is Deceiving

by Formula

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released October 24, 2012

Special thanks to Jeremy Hodge for producing two instrumentals




Formula Wilmington, North Carolina

Nineteen year old white boy writing his life's poetry and calling it rap and sounds.

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Track Name: Reboot My Trap In This
It’s time to reboot my trap in this
Compute reused words for rapping shit
Dispute inside high tide getting the grind right
Timed tight parallel to towards the twilight
It’s my fight you can just sit back and listen
To my addiction of syllable instrumental collision
Original additional songs to wall up my prison
Miserable sensation has been my lively tradition
Finally I've risen but still salute my scantiness
Dampened kiss building up the pursuit of happiness
Are you feeling it? I’m dealing with its precision
Broken time incision magician for now it’s my only decision
Since I started only my inner angst had been regarded
Now I’m heavy hearted, retarded from my past garbage
I should have folded my minds only open to the moment
Tunnel vision molded and I want to turn my shadow golden
I’m holding on tighter hoping for a brighter future
Self esteem booster because for now I’m a fucking loser
And so are you if all you do is sit behind your computer
With your fates shook being another Facebook user
Cosmo abuser widening the void for conformity
Making clones and breaking zones of one’s diversity
Altering brains mixed into a self centered blend
And changing the value and definition of a friend
All of you genital based fuckers are the same to me
All so lame to me realize that we just chained free
Trained to be nothing more than a pyramid slave
Low spirited wave with a sexual inherited crave
Where it was made at center of all creation
Commencing adaptation to all types of temptation
Computation demonstration in a one way conversation
Abbreviation abomination raising my articulation
Here I come I want the world to die in my arms
That’ll only happen if I strike all the right alarms
But the action couldn't happen but it constitutes a challenge
In the end I’m just rapping with a brain that’s off balance
Progressing my talent but my message is opaque
Inspiration is absent and I’m only chasing a snake
Track Name: Pursuit Of Happiness
Arsenal of vocabulary sewn to make up my bed
It’s possible or mandatory that I clean up my head
Between voids I’m dead just waiting on clock work
Instance of common sense makes me stop to smirk
Rewind in reverse behind this black shirt
I plan to flirt with this girl if she’d answer first
I've done my best and now I’ll do my worst
Take it easy since I've seen up close that hearts can burst
But the insane craves for affection sets me off level
So much bran wave current that’ll never get settled
It’s so hard being in a vessel affected by emotion
I’m a wreck for sex but I can motion the potion
It doesn't matter let’s take baby steps up the ladder
I know that I’m sweet but don’t eat through the wrapper
Breathe deep and capture the moments and the laughter
I don’t even believe in love but we could read to the chapter

This song’s for everyone in the pursuit of happiness
You’re all held back by whatever your bad habit is
No matter how we change we’ll see the blackness shift
Live for the future the present and just know that the past is shit

I’m not empty I’m chased by the memories I’ve embraced
Even though I considered what led me to now is waste
Use it as paste to glaze up the unknowing upcoming
Traced to face a dilemma of life while the suns running
And the moon is forever following my hallow sin I wallow in
I’m thinking of things to say for your time that I’m borrowing
Make a message clear if you’re here have no fear
Perceiving is believing but we all love to sound sincere
When saying something’s there but we don’t feel a thing
So I live my song and only care for what the seasons bring
Summer to fall to winter and rejoice in spring
Timeline spiral and the calendar becomes a ring
And I like to imagine they all lay on the equator
But this is hypothetical I’m not the matter creator
Didn't ask for my position but I can’t imagine greater
But don’t waste your life just being a religious debater

This song’s for everyone in the pursuit of happiness
You’re all held back by whatever your bad habit is
No matter how we change we’ll see the blackness shift
Live for the future the present and just know that the past is shit
Track Name: Salute My Scantiness
Onward to my destiny that is my specialty
Poetry dependency to reach my goal of serenity
Fundamentally I get chills from this fantasy
And it’s a necessity to fill this beat to capacity
That’s the strategy I’m practically wrapped up in the alchemy
Of being matched to rap attached to the trap so anxiously
That I hardly have a subject but I’ll still finish successfully
So I guess essentially my rep is growing accidentally
I’m building the chemistry but there’s not much the recipe
But allegedly it’s questionable seems the density is flexible
Maybe I’m professional; probably just exceptional
Judgment is unethical besides I’m entirely too skeptical
I’ve never been conventional to the popular demand
Because the strand goes hand in hand with too grand and too bland
If you understand I command you to stay away from poor rhymes
Stop swimming in your shit and find ways to expand your minds

Under the nervous surface your purpose is worthless
And here I stand with enough courage to pull on your curtains
Switch subjectivity it’s worth it to rap in cursive
Bitch hyperactivity is a cursed gift and I’ve earned it
Carry on with caution it’s not uncommon to forget your options
Enticed because I’m illy awesome rhyming words become toxins
Originated from oxygen and I’ve inhaled as a cosmopolitan
Allowing me to frolic and spit nonsense contents confident
Possess complex progression leave behind my passive aggression
Caress concepts in this session to improve expression with no question
Seriously devious mysteriously genius and critical
Permissible mythical lyrical either way it’s all invisible
You little fool so pitiful if you’re not following the riddle drool
Although it is too difficult to trail all that is conditional
Whether it is digital, fictional or typically your visual
I suppose it is forgivable if you didn’t catch every single syllable
Track Name: Recluse To Ghastliness
Increase speed indeed feed the beast
That lays underneath with peddles to my feet
I keep disciple cycles we rifle the on the east
Through teeth I breathe gliding on the side of the street
Taking pride in my baby on my grind with her daily
And maybe it’s our bond that fondly drives me crazy
With so much alone time traveling long distances
Invisible microphone rhymes inside of all these instances
Oh I’m going nutty oh buddy this isn’t funny
It’s like a rain cloud running my head even though it’s sunny
But I’m amused with my bruised fuse better than the average monkey
So excuse my confused use of words the journey can be lovely
It’s how ever I subject it inside of my head I test it
I wreck it check it I’m infected and it’s always accepted
The second I reject it I expect shit would hit the fan
If I eject the best connection with brain then I won’t know who I am
Besides I’m introducing illusions inside my head subconsciously
If I configured a conclusion I’d consider myself and anomaly
Obsessing on psychology and philosophy policies constantly
That sociology became foreign and I owe my friends an apology
Insanity has grown in velocity honestly but it fronts like a comedy
Everything’s an oddity growing; growing; growing its quality
HOLY SHIT; what fuck am I saying?
Portraying my madness practices is too much to be publicly displaying
After all I’m just talking about riding on my bike
And I’ll cover my tracks by saying that’s what it’s really like
I just exaggerated in all my previous statements
I’m not that saturated I’m actually quite good staggered patience
Track Name: Elude The Vanity Pit
Inject perception indirectly
Everything’s deadly done incorrectly
I respect the possibility
Don’t live timidly without divinity
I don’t fucking care I’ll stare at empty air
Empty where? Inside and outside
Desperate prayer being scared of an outline
It’s about time doubt died in my clouded mind
Wrap my head around it fine whatever I’m clever
The beats create peace in my soul forever
Or at least whenever we are together
Under pressure an adventure for the buried treasure
Secret letter; secret letter making the agreement better
Frequent measure to reach peace in a forbidden pleasure
That’s where I find resentment; most find contentment
But I’m in no position to contradict their objective
Ineffective perspective; it’s all deceptive
Lives become reflective and it’s naturally selective
Alright; Alright, we could talk about this all night
Indite delight and we still won’t know what’s right
So I invite you to bite through your sanity pearl
You’re just a boy or a girl forget about the vanity world
Track Name: You're Cute When In Bliss
Reminisce on your first kiss; is it worth it?
Uncertain circuit serves no purpose in a person
Memories grow hidden when left unwritten
Every passing day denominates more division
Subject repetition should prove that I’m head locked
Traded religion ambition just so I could be fed rocks
Hopelessly grasping patterns for you to notice me
As a nobody taking my stumbled thoughts emotionally
Do you hear me? I just want to learn to think clearly
This will be the last song I take apathy severely
Uptight clown turn my frown upside down
Keep my feet on the ground remember that planet’s round
I can’t get lost inside the sound I feel freezing I’m sneezing
I've been barely breathing till I found perceiving is deceiving
And believing is cheating but it’s necessary to move on
Tag along stay strong I can’t tell you what’s right or wrong

These songs are just songs and my words are just words
I’m not all that disturbed so fly free my birds

I’m free; I’m free; I’m free as I could ever be
To conjure a reservoir of metaphors mentally
Especially with a dumb mind on my crunch time
Quick run find some rhyme for the punch line
Oh shit I’m stupider than a fat cat in a lake
Drinking while sinking just to add more weight
Because I negate associating in a world full of hate
And I can relate I just don’t want to eat off the same plate
It’s not fun anymore it’s been done before so fuck it
The butterflies in my stomach performed as a puppet
Emptied my bucket of an abundance of substance
That drove a tad bit loony assuming I’d find justice
It’s rubbish and my sanity was my expenditure
Irregular competitor boiling my heads temperature
Making me decline thought because my minds hot
So I should not keeping making reality my blind spot

These songs are just songs and my words are just words
I’m not all that disturbed so fly free my birds