Cluster Fuck

from by Formula

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loop samples from Looperman


You know the type of site spoken words can't decipher right
Perhaps a writer might explain the one way fight of a spider bite
The hyper bright divider light of our envisions collision
So much beauty in the transition from position to exposition
The kind of mission extra terrestrials would be missing
Sanctuary or prison dictionary ammunition is our tradition
Embrace it and make it's pleasure just a little better
Treasure your adventure and I'm sorry for such a simple lecture
I'm an under pressure sentence man with an alarm clock attention span
And an extremely sectioned plan so you understand concentrations bland
So here I am all up in your face and stuff to tell you the race is tough
And you can't say enough to call my bluff and cough up this hick up
But I'll sit up straight and proper I have a decent posture
I could be a gleeful doctor but I'd rather be and evil monster
And see the people awkward being injected with my truth
It's accepted in the booth so I proceed to infect the youtuh

Incision Incision dare be blinded by a vision
It's sits and it sits and rewinds all of the division
I'm clueless
Hide lucas he's useless to these formula movements


from In Visible As Syllables, track released March 6, 2013




Formula Wilmington, North Carolina

Nineteen year old white boy writing his life's poetry and calling it rap and sounds.

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