A Mystery For Now

by Formula

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released August 17, 2012




Formula Wilmington, North Carolina

Nineteen year old white boy writing his life's poetry and calling it rap and sounds.

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Track Name: Consensual Consequences
Plagued by the current state of Mother Nature
Constant cloudy days made me desecrate her
It’s cool I’ll go skinny dipping in the gene pool
Prefer playing the fool than going back to school
I’m hard I’m tough smart enough to get by
And there’s no way to call my bluff when I got goals set high
Those who had the pleasure to check my texture know how hard it is
Can’t tell if it’s a treasure chest I’m making or a suicidal starter kit
Rap path steer left and forget about what’s right
Back track to peers breath losing grasp on insight
In exchange for a fist against another
Perspective nice well this might be a better cover
Set first the flow and let the network grow
Failure is a nightmare but I could meet worse thought
To loiter a personality disorder keeping tracks in order
To maintain my trains main frame to cross a new border

Yo; so, my fresh went spiraling into a testament
Broke down to sediment to then form my rhetoric x2

Formula has brought evidence that I’m a thought specialist
To be eloquent is relevant but I’m not much of a perfectionist
I try to properly explain this painless tasteless procedure
Of abandoning words in the polluted atmospheric features
As they pour through speakers the lines imitate teachers
But when my songs finish they become mind eating creatures
To eat your sneakers to get through to undo the roots
That binds breathers and believers and debut new fruits
And let the juices loosen while the topic uses illusions
Producing pollution to leave you with useless confusion
A distraction from your actions converted to a fraction
You may be a recipient but I have the denominating fashion
Right now as the time drools listeners play by my rules
And admire the fire I hire for my empire of rhyme tools
Alright fools your fate may be to obsess upon my gateway
Of words I straight say when my head’s like this everyday

Yo; so, my fresh went spiraling into a testament
Broke down to sediment to then form my rhetoric x2
Track Name: To The Moon And Back
Oh my brother I’ve become lost under my cover
Lightning and thunder is the forecast of the summer
Foreshadowed under every given whole number
To count down the days before the land of wonder
Classifying truth as false and life becomes my own forum
Uncertain of everything except excitement and boredom
Offer me a break and I’ll probably take the bigger portion
I’ll do anything I can to inject butterflies inside my organs
Rewarded and ungrateful of the planets milk and honey
Modern culture taught me to misinterpret guilt as funny
So I lose myself in stagnant with a regretful build is coming
Relaxing my soul and strive to always quilt the drumming
All of a sudden my statements makes me considered lost
So I summon my favorite friend to get our points across
Our relationship can never end with neither as the boss
Cooperate on impact and jumble special thought sauce

Lost on my own behalf I’m off the grid but still on its graph
Discovered my own path to signify my destined epitaph
Pollute the past with poison from any memory bath
Self deceptive whatever kept numbers not there math
grab hold of a scroll that’s scattered and goes untold
Puppeteer a bag of blood with a skeleton controlled
Potential will fourfold when I get outside my skin mold
Silver tongue dice rolled and I’m wedged in tarnished gold
Making music even if only I can make it make sense
I stay elusive for my head since music can’t pay rent
And I’ve had so many days spent without a tangible payment
Those hopes have broke down to dust in fake basement
In fact a replacement from what I can’t deny as a fact
Sign a adolescence contract when cosmos and I interact
Through the respiratory tract behind my mask so I can act
According to the formula pact permitting ideas to be abstract
Track Name: The Clouds Ahead
Hellbound loathing silence with myself now
Fell down to sell sounds trailing my melt down
Try hard to function during mental eruption
Power my production with serpent seduction
Come through with a scum screw because I want to
I’ll instruct you about my status being hunt proof
That’s the one truth people need to understand
Focus on my throw, make it seem like an under hand
Rappers and bumper to bumper man, but I’ve got the upper hand
I roll cold inside formula’s rhyme wonder land
Sign beats with signals, let lines shoot like pistols
Reanalyze my cries to answer all my riddles
They’re swept under a carpet mixed with the darkness
Because I’m aimless with targets but still remain an artist
I’ll sustain heartless til someone gets my rules reversed
However it will never happen in the timeline of this universe